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    Pieces of wood are held together with strings. Hands are placed at the handles, with about a shoulder width between hands. When the hands are brought toward each other, the wooden pieces hit against each other to produce sounds. Used in traditional folk music.

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    Benten sits on a rock, playing her Biwa as waves lap her perch.

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  • Thumbnail for Bamiyan Buddha's face, detail (before destruction)
    Bamiyan Buddha's face, detail (before destruction)

    Detail of the small Buddha's face at Bamiyan before destruction in March 2001 by the former Taliban government of Afghanistan.

  • Thumbnail for Breast charms
    Breast charms

    Breast charms, made by soon-to-be-mothers, are believed to help ease childbirth among other things.

  • Thumbnail for Amusements at a picnic - left panel
    Amusements at a picnic - left panel

    At first glance, the left and right panels

  • Thumbnail for Bronze juggler with bear
    Bronze juggler with bear

    Bronze figure of a juggler balancing a bear on a pole. The dress and face of the juggler indicate his northern barbarian origin.

  • Thumbnail for Bridal trousseau
    Bridal trousseau

    A typical Edo-period trousseau centered around three sets of shelves, the zushidana (right), the kurodana (black shelves, center), and the shodana (bookshelves, right). Included are most of the things required for personal use, such as cosmetic items,

  • Thumbnail for Biwa

    The four strings are plucked with a large plectrum (shown to the right). Used to accompany the koto.