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  • Thumbnail for Grave with torii
    Grave with torii

    This old grave site has a large traditional stone and the space is nicely framed by a Shinto torii. This kind of complex shows how Buddhist and Shinto forms merge easily in Japanese sensibility.

  • Thumbnail for Random grave site near Okunoin
  • Thumbnail for Jizo with children
    Jizo with children

    The same Jizo as in cocrejpn0159.

  • Thumbnail for Standing bathing statues
  • Thumbnail for Shinto-esque shrine in forest
    Shinto-esque shrine in forest

    Some of the grave markers in Koyasan are stone and some are in the traditional Shinto architectural style.

  • Thumbnail for Small shrine in Koyasan
    Small shrine in Koyasan

    This small Shinto shrine is in a grove of trees across the street from the Kongobuji temple.

  • Thumbnail for Random grave along path to Okunoin
    Random grave along path to Okunoin

    Like many graves, the main stone here has the geometric shapes marking Buddhist symbolism but the surrounding structures are clearly Shinto toriis. This natural blending of features of both traditions was exceedingly common in premodern Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Forest scene enroute to Okunoin
    Forest scene enroute to Okunoin

    The space beside the pathway is often filled with a vast collection of devotional pieces likely placed by different people centuries apart. The scenery weaves a tale of religious sentiment right into the very fabric of the forest.

  • Thumbnail for Street shrine
    Street shrine

    This small shrine on a street corner is typical of many one finds on urban as well as rural streets in Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Old tree stump with offerings near Okunoin.
    Old tree stump with offerings near Okunoin.

    An example of the reverence for nature, particularly in its more awesome guises, is the placement of coins (mostly the equivalent of pennies) on top of this stump, which likely was a tree over four hundred years old.