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    Before or after an afternoon class in the Korean Language Institute at Yonsei, this is a common lunch of boiled tofu in a stone bowl with several hot spices with clams and an egg, accompanied by rice, kimchi, and bean sprouts.

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    Yonsei University: Introduction to Korean Studies

    Not all of the classes for exchange students are in Korea. To learn the basics of Korean history, Introduction to Korean Studies touches on all areas related to Korea.

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    Yonsei University computer lab

    In order to use the internet for free one can use the computer lab in the New Millennium Hall.

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    Yonsei University: Millennium Hall

    This is taken from the Millennium Hall on the Yonsei University campus where most of the classes for the exchange students attend further ahead on the right is the Korean Language Institute where the language classes are held and further beyond is the rest of the city outside the East Gate.

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    Yonsei University: Korean Language Institute

    During the summer program, this area is filled with students between classes and nearby is a cafeteria, at the tables there are usual several trays filled with Korean food.