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  • Thumbnail for Wooden ratha base
    Wooden ratha base

    Wooden base for processional chariot, before preparations; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Kept on East masi Street. 2001 plaque claims that the two big rathas are about 300 years old; Keywords: vehicles, ratha

  • Thumbnail for Decorated Minaksi
    Decorated Minaksi

    Minaksi image decorated for procession; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Decorated for Flag-raising ceremony and procession, 1st day; Keywords: deities, minaksi, decoration

  • Thumbnail for Golden horse vahana
    Golden horse vahana

    Golden horse (kutirai) vahana; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Used as vehicle during 5th day procession; Keywords: vehicles, vahana

  • Thumbnail for Sirpathis

    Sirpathis carry pole supporing icon; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Preparation for 1st evening procession. 42 Sirpathis (non-brahmins, not directly temple employees).; Keywords: personnel, sirpathis

  • Thumbnail for Three priests
    Three priests

    Three priests in front of Sundaresvara image; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; C. Muttapatter Sivaraja, on right, does image decoration.; Keywords: personnel, priests