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  • Thumbnail for Random view from main path to Okunoin
    Random view from main path to Okunoin

    The pillar to the left designates the small hall behind the tree as one dedicated to some practices of the Shingon school.

  • Thumbnail for Shinto-esque shrine in forest
    Shinto-esque shrine in forest

    Some of the grave markers in Koyasan are stone and some are in the traditional Shinto architectural style.

  • Thumbnail for Kannon statue in forest
    Kannon statue in forest

    Along the path to Okunoin are many graceful statues. This one is of the bodhisattva of compassion Kannon (Kuan-yin in China). It looks almost as if it were a curving tree itself.

  • Thumbnail for Miniature bronze stupa
    Miniature bronze stupa

    Along the path to Okunoin there are many thousands of carvings and other pieces of religious art. This is a miniature bronze stupa.

  • Thumbnail for Private shrine
    Private shrine

    Another family shrine in the forest of Koyasan.

  • Thumbnail for Shrine to soldiers who died in World War Two
  • Thumbnail for Jizo statue in forest
    Jizo statue in forest

    One of thousands of statues of Jizo, the merciful deity who is commonly entreated to assist children who have died young, especially even prior to birth. These statues are often dressed in caps and aprons. This clothing is sometimes placed there by a bereaved mother, or sometimes by any warm-hearted person who happens to be fond of keeping little Jizo neatly dressed.

  • Thumbnail for Forest scene enroute to Okunoin
    Forest scene enroute to Okunoin

    The space beside the pathway is often filled with a vast collection of devotional pieces likely placed by different people centuries apart. The scenery weaves a tale of religious sentiment right into the very fabric of the forest.

  • Thumbnail for Family shrine in forest
    Family shrine in forest

    One of many, many shrines in the forest near Okunoin dedicated to the ancestors of a private family.

  • Thumbnail for Forest bridge in Koyasan
  • Thumbnail for Reconstruction of a wall in the forest
    Reconstruction of a wall in the forest

    Many of the centuries-old structures in the forest enroute to Okunoin are crumbling. Some of the more prominent ones close to the pathway are being restored.

  • Thumbnail for Grave marker of mother
    Grave marker of mother

    Some of the grave stones surrounding Okunoin seem to depict either actual people or at least their idealized forms as ordinary social beings. Here we see a mother with children.

  • Thumbnail for Plaque describing shrine for soldiers who died in World War Two.
    Plaque describing shrine for soldiers who died in World War Two.

    This plaque describes the full shrine visible in cocrejpn0143.

  • Thumbnail for Stairs in the forest
    Stairs in the forest

    The path to Okunoin is not always level. The shifting topography makes for a more pleasurable walk.

  • Thumbnail for Visitors enroute to Okunoin
    Visitors enroute to Okunoin

    The long path through the forest to Okunoin.

  • Thumbnail for Stairs and trees
    Stairs and trees

    Another view enroute to Okunoin.