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  • Thumbnail for Determinants of poverty in South American countries
    Determinants of poverty in South American countries by Fergin, Kaleb

    Ending extreme poverty is one of the United Nation’s 8 Millennium Development Goals; a goal hoped to be reached by 2015. In this study I attempt to determine the factors most influential on a country’s poverty level. I observe 10 of the 12 countries in South America over 3 time periods, 1998, 2003, and 2005, making 30 total observations of panel data. Variables that correlated positively in my model with poverty were population growth and the age dependency ratio. Variables that correlated negatively in my model with poverty were health expenditure, trade, government effectiveness and GDP growth rate. The most influential variables I found to be population growth and government effectiveness.

  • Thumbnail for Korean ceramics: Dish with Pine Tree, Buncheong-style ware.
    Korean ceramics: Dish with Pine Tree, Buncheong-style ware. by Min Young-ki (1947 - ), potter and Chun Sung-woo (1934 - ), painter

    This large dish is a collaborative piece, created by Min Young-ki, potter, and Chun Sung-woo, painter, both famous contemporary artists. The piece is in the style of Buncheong-ware. In this piece, the dish was created and coated with a white slip (clay in a liquid state); the image of a tall pine tree was painted on top of the white slip, and the piece was then covered with glaze and fired. Gift of Chung Yang-mo, 2004.14

  • Thumbnail for Himesama Dohchuu Parade Preparation
    Himesama Dohchuu Parade Preparation

    Two girls wait to have their makeup applied prior to the Himesama Dohchuu parade. Himesama Dohchuu. April, 1998.

  • Thumbnail for Commencement Program 1998
    Commencement Program 1998 by Colorado College

    Program of Colorado College Class of 1998 Commencement ceremony, May 18, 1998, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado. CC President Kathryn Mohrman, presiding. Commencement speaker, Adam Werbach, former president of the Sierra Club, "Act Now, Apologize Later."

  • Thumbnail for The catalyst [1998 v. 42 no. 11 Jan. 30 - 1998 v. 42 no. 20 May 1]
    The catalyst [1998 v. 42 no. 11 Jan. 30 - 1998 v. 42 no. 20 May 1]

    The Catalyst is the Colorado College student newspaper begun September 11, 1969. Each issue in this volume contains a supplement titled "The Scene." The volume also includes one issue of The Cattle List : the OB-Scene, April 3, 1998.

  • Thumbnail for 1998 The nugget
    1998 The nugget

    The Colorado College yearbook, published 1900-2007, was known as The Pikes Peak Nugget from 1900-1941 and The Nugget or Colorado College Nugget afterward. Year on cover differs from title page in some years. Cover title, What's the Colorado College.

  • Thumbnail for Ryoanji, Pond garden
    Ryoanji, Pond garden

    Pond garden at Ryoanji. Said to date from the original Heian period estate at site.