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  • Thumbnail for The catalyst [1985 v. 18 no. 1 Sept. 13 - 1985 v. 18 no. 10 Dec. 13]
    The catalyst [1985 v. 18 no. 1 Sept. 13 - 1985 v. 18 no. 10 Dec. 13]

    The Catalyst is the Colorado College student newspaper begun September 11, 1969. This volume includes volume one, issue number 1 of a new Colorado College student newspaper titled "The Disparaging Eye."

  • Thumbnail for Chao Watching Bamboo
    Chao Watching Bamboo by Pang, Cheng

    16.25 x 20 inches. Painting; Male figure looking up with bamboo in foreground with Chinese script in upper right. The painting shows the scholar Chao, some bamboo, and a calligraphic homage to the scholar. Here, the modern Chinese artist follows in a long and respected tradition of paying homage to a previous painter and poet, and in this way carrying the past into the present. Sometimes, but probably not here, this entails emulating the famous person's own calligraphic style. The sense that the brush, making a stroke on paper, conveys something of the inner spirit of the person holding the brush reappeared in modern Abstract Expressionism.

  • Thumbnail for The Last Supper
    The Last Supper by Sadao Watanabe (1913-1996)

    Kappazuri or katazome dyed stencil print, 100/100, 25 x 29 inches. There are 57 examples of the stencil-prints (kappazuri) of Watanabe Sadao in the Brauer Museum of Art. Watanabe is, perhaps, the most famous Christian-Japanese print master to date. Frances Blakemore states that "Watanabe's works are in collections from South Africa to Australia, from the Philippines to Europe." (Who's who in Modern Japanese Prints, p. 228). 23 institutions list examples of his work in their collections, including the Museums of Modern Art of Tokyo and New York, the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the British Museum, and the Haifa Museum. Ten of Watanabe's prints are on permanent display in the Vatican Museum of Modern Art. Watanabe also has had shows of his prints in the US, Japan, Brussels, the Netherlands, China, Germany, Denmark, and Indonesia. His work was included into the exhibition of Japanese prints at the Winter Olympics in Sapporo in 1972. Watanabe has won the prizes of the Folk Art Museum, the Japanese Print Association, and other prestigious bodies. He is holder of the coveted prize of the Kokuga sosaku kyokai, the organization that holds the Arts in Spring-Kokuten Exhibition that is such an important event in the world of modern art in Japan. The range in date, subject, and size of these prints means that the Watanabe Collection of the Brauer Museum of Art provides excellent coverage of this key Creative Print master, increasing its value for his study.

  • Thumbnail for 1984 and 1985 The nugget
    1984 and 1985 The nugget

    The Colorado College yearbook, published 1900-2007, was known as The Pikes Peak Nugget from 1900-1941 and The Nugget or Colorado College Nugget afterward. Year on cover differs from title page in some years. This yearbook represents two graduating classes, the class of 1984 and the class of 1985.

  • Thumbnail for Commencement Program 1985
    Commencement Program 1985 by Colorado College

    Program of Colorado College Class of 1985 Commencement ceremony, June 3, 1985, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.