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    Stone and Sand by Hagiwara Hideo (born 1913)

    Edition: 9/30. Woodblock print; ink, colors, and silver on paper. Hideo Hagiwara was born in Kofu City, Yamanishi Prefecture. Between 1921 and 1929 he lived in Korea and Manchuria. He studied at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, where he graduated at the Oil Painting Section in 1938. While still there he attended Un'ichi Hiratsuka's extracurricular woodblock printing course, and in the same year he became quality controller at the Takamizawa Woodblock Print Company. He was conscripted into the army in 1943. In 1945 he had lost his house, his atelier and nearly all his early works. Around 1950 he had sufficiently recovered to start painting again. At the same time he started making Sosaku hanga (creative prints), both figurative and abstract subjects. He is known as a constant innovator and he is generally considered one of the best post-WWII Sosaku hanga artists.

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    One Person Blows the Flute, While the Other Plays

    Illustration from Manhua showing an American military officer in the picture playing a tune on the 'flute' (actually an American missile) while the Japanese geisha provides the breath. She carries a fan labelled "Revising the Security Treaty."

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    1959 The nugget

    The Colorado College yearbook, published 1900-2007, was known as The Pikes Peak Nugget from 1900-1941 and The Nugget or Colorado College Nugget afterward. Year on cover differs from title page in some years.

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    Akihito Takes a Wife

    Image taken at the wedding ceremony of Prince Akihito and Shoda Michiko. The prince deviated from previous tradition in marrying a woman of his own choosing.

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    Commencement Program 1959 by Colorado College

    Program of Colorado College Class of 1959 Commencement ceremony, June 1, 1959, Shove Memorial Chapel, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.