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    Atomic Bomb Dome

    This is the "Genbaku Doomu", or the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima. During the visit to the museum, I learned that it was predicted that nothing would grow in Hiroshima for 70 years. But it wasn`t long before grass and buds of flowers and trees began growing from the ashes of the burned city. Like a phoenix, Hiroshima was reborn, but not without a painful reminder of what once happened.

  • Thumbnail for The Tiger [1945 v. 47 no. 1 Jan. 5 - 1945 v. 47 no. 37 Oct. 12]
    The Tiger [1945 v. 47 no. 1 Jan. 5 - 1945 v. 47 no. 37 Oct. 12]

    The Tiger is the Colorado College student newspaper begun April 11, 1899. The title changed to The Catalyst starting September 11, 1969. This publication was only published during the academic year.

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    China's Greatest Crisis by Field, Frederick Vanderbilt

    A pamphlet by Frederick Vanderbilt Field describing relations between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party during the Chinese Revolution, the Sino-Japanese war, and the need for American support of a democratic China.

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    What are we doing in China? by North, Joseph

    Joseph North explains US intervention in China during the Sino-Japanese War.

  • Thumbnail for Commencement Program 1945
    Commencement Program 1945 by Colorado College

    Programs from three graduation ceremonies: October 24, 1944 Graduation Program; February 25th, 1945, Graduation Program; Colorado College Class of 1945 Commencement ceremony, June 24, 1945, Shove Memorial Chapel, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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    1945 The nugget

    The Colorado College yearbook, published 1900-2007, was known as The Pikes Peak Nugget from 1900-1941 and The Nugget or Colorado College Nugget afterward. Year on cover differs from title page in some years.

  • Thumbnail for Hiroshima:  View from the U.S., September, 1945
    Hiroshima: View from the U.S., September, 1945

    This PDF document presents the contents of a four page article from LIFE Magazine, September 17, 1945, "Effects of the Atomic Bomb." The seven photographs in this LIFE article were almost certainly the first images seen by the American public of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The photographs show exclusively the devastation of property, although the brief article does describe what we now recognize to have been the effects of radiation sickness and the article does acknowledge the known death toll, as of early September, 1945. Click above, on the phrase, "Access this item," to view the contents of the article from LIFE Magazine, presented here in PDF format.

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    Dawn of the Year by Ding Fuzhi, 1879-1949

    Artist is a native of Hangzhou on the West Lake and he was an expert in seal carving. As a painter his work falls in the category of 'gongbihua', fine stroke painting. The title is inscribed by the artist.

  • Thumbnail for Commencement Program 1946
    Commencement Program 1946 by Colorado College

    Programs from two ceremonies: October 23, 1945 Graduation ceremony; and Colorado College Class of 1946 Commencement ceremony, June 23, 1946, Shove Memorial Chapel, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.