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  • Thumbnail for One-eyed and One-armed Role
    One-eyed and One-armed Role

    Actor Okochi Denjiro playing Tange Sazen, the one-eyed and one-armed killer, made a tremendous hit on movie-going audiences.

  • Thumbnail for Rinden Kanost Collection, China in the 1930s:  Street Market
    Rinden Kanost Collection, China in the 1930s: Street Market

    Arthur Rinden's description: On the street is the daily market for vegetables, fish, and other things. Note that the buyer carries his own scale balances. There were 7 different scales in use in 1927. It was important that the food scales were used for food! Now, all scales are standardized by the national government, as is the money. When we came to China [1927] it was issued by the nation, the province, and even by local stores or pawnshops. Metal coins were 'rung' to learn if they were silver or counterfeits!"

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    Fleeing Refugees by Li Hwa/Li Hua

    Woodcut of a mother and her two children following a procession of other refugees away from a destroyed village depicted in the far right-hand corner.