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    Hawaii statehood

    Political cartoon commenting on Hawaii's admittance into the Union. The caption reads: "Please ma'am, may I come in?" and is delivered by a timid chubby child representing Hawaii. Behind the kindly woman, "Miss Columbia," a motley assortment of people is running wild, including a "Chinaman" with a queue being pummeled by another immigrant.

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    Fan painting - Flowers by Ren Yu (1853-1901)

    Peony flowers and rose mallow with inscription. This is the one of two fans by Ren Yu in the collection. Ren Yu's career is well documented, in part because he was the son of the earliest and most important of the Shanghai school painters, Ren Xiong (1823-1857). One can see from the dates that Ren Yu was only four when his father died, and he and his siblings would have turned to family for help, especially to his uncle Ren Xun, whose works are also in this collection. Perhaps because of the fame of his family, perhaps because of his own character, Ren Yu became a bit of an eccentric or, as Brown says, "lackadaisical, lazy, careless and unrestrained." He was addicted to opium and his work was at times done under the influence of the drug and suffered from this. Despite this, admirers sought him out and paid handsomely for a work from his brush. This fan, according to Ren Yu's inscription, is painted in the manner of Yun Shouping (Nantian Caoyi), a well-known painter of flowers from the early years of the Qing dynasty. It uses the "boneless" method, in which colored washes with little or no ink line create the image.

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    Commencement Program 1898 by Colorado College

    Program of Colorado College Class of 1898 Commencement ceremony, June 15, 1898, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.