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    Commencement Program 1894 by Colorado College

    Program of Colorado College Class of 1894 Commencement ceremonies, June 10-13, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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    Fan painting - Su Shi and friends by Ding Bing (1832-1899)

    Figure of Su Shi and his friends sitting on land discussing their adventures. The facts of Ding Bing's life are recorded in some detail. He was from the area of Hangzhou and was known as a painter, and from the visual references in this work he must have had access to important paintings from the past. Instead of the usual figures in a boat, Ding Bing paints the figures of Su Shi and his friends sitting on land discussing their adventure. This scene is also depicted in the earliest surviving illustration to the Ode, the handscroll by Qiao Zhongchang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it would be worthwhile to make a visual comparison between sections of the two works. There is no doubt that this is the subject Ding Bing paints, since his inscription starts off with the date of the outing, the fifth year of the Yuanfu era (1082) and then mentions the "Red Cliff Ode" in the third line. This is not a transcription of the ode, just a reference to it. The work is done in the tradition of the literati school, which had its origins in the work of Su Shi and his friends in the eleventh century. It is very understated, with the use of a muted line and quiet compositions.