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    Commencement Program 1893 by Colorado College

    Program of Colorado College Class of 1893 Commencement ceremony, June 14, 1893, Opera House, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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    Fan painting - Scholar on donkey by Ren Yu (1853-1901)

    Scholar on a donkey crossing a bridge with a backdrop of mountains. This is one of two fans in the collection by this artist. This fan has a very odd shape, one that I have not seen before, and one wonders if it has not been cut down from perhaps an ovoid shape. Ren Yu became much more of a conservative artist than the other members of his family. This fan is a good example of that, and the elements of the landscape come out of the orthodox tradition going back to the Four Wangs of the early Sing. The sense of space is particularly well-handled, with a foreground, middle ground, and deep distance all present in this tiny format. It is easy to think of this as routine, but in fact it takes a great deal of skill to make this work well. The painting of the donkey does seem a bit strained, and this may not have been Ren Yu's strong point.