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  • Thumbnail for Emancipated Woman
    Emancipated Woman

    This photo of a Japanese woman shows how the trendy went for Victorian feathers and flowers, bustles, and bows.

  • Thumbnail for Kunming Lake, Summer Palace
    Kunming Lake, Summer Palace

    View from the Summer Palace's Longevity Hill (Wanshou shan), overlooking the Buddha Incense Pavilion (Foxiangge, right), Kunming Lake and the Seventeen Arch Bridge (Shiqi kongqiao) toward the city beyond..

  • Thumbnail for Teacher and Protege
    Teacher and Protege

    Professor Ernest F. Fenollosa (seated) came to Japan in 1878 to introduce Western art forms, but left Japan with a sincere respect for Japanese painting and sculpting. He is shown here with Okakura Kakuzo.