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  • Thumbnail for Great Buddha
    Great Buddha

    The Daibutsu or "Great Buddha" in Kamakura.

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    Minamoto Yoritomo

    One of the earliest extant examples of formal secular portraiture. The sitter is traditionally identified as Minamoto Yoritomo (1147-1199), the first shogun of Japan. After the death of the retired emperor Go-Shirakawa in 1192, Yoritomo received from the court the coveted title of Seiitaishogun (Great General Who Quells the Barbarians).

  • Thumbnail for Daibutsu Close-up
    Daibutsu Close-up

    A close-up of the daibutsu in Kamakura reveals a goatee, among other things.

  • Thumbnail for Sanjusangendo or Thirty-three Bay Hall
    Sanjusangendo or Thirty-three Bay Hall

    Interior of hall showing statues of the Sentai Senju Kannon Bosatu, approx. 165-168.5 cm in height, dating from the Kamakura period.

  • Thumbnail for Oyoroi  Samurai Armor
    Oyoroi Samurai Armor

    Oyoroi (literally "great armor") was the loose-fitting defensive armor of mounted archers that was developed late in the Heian period. It is made chiefly of leather and iron bound together to form horizontal tiers.

  • Thumbnail for Muji Ichien
    Muji Ichien

    Portrait sculpture ["chinso"] of the Zen priest Muji Ichien, born in 1226 in Kamakura. Made of polychromed wood.