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    An updated mission statement and a roadmap for the future

    In October, 2002, President Celeste charged Margi Duncombe, Tass Kelso, Randy Stiles and Sam Williams (the Mappers) with the following two tasks:1. Revisit the CC mission statement with a goal of arriving at a succinct and compelling formulation that captures our distinguishing characteristics. 2. Engage the campus community in a process that will build on the mission statement with the purpose of articulating a long-term vision for the College – where we aspire to be in five to ten years – and a road-map for how to get there. President Celeste also specified that this effort should be highly participatory and transparent, that the final product should be something we all “own” and should be sufficiently practical that it can guide us in making tough choices, in setting clear priorities, and in evaluating how we are doing along the way. Finally, he requested that this work be done by the end of the ’02-’03 academic year. This report marks the end of the beginning of a new cycle of strategic thinking about the future of Colorado College.