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  • Thumbnail for Random view from main path to Okunoin
    Random view from main path to Okunoin

    The pillar to the left designates the small hall behind the tree as one dedicated to some practices of the Shingon school.

  • Thumbnail for Ikuta Jinja - Map of shrine
    Ikuta Jinja - Map of shrine

    This map of the shrine compound is erected near the entrance.

  • Thumbnail for Hiroshima:  Peace Memorial Museum, Art by Survivors, 18  --  "A line of burned lunchboxes"
    Hiroshima: Peace Memorial Museum, Art by Survivors, 18 -- "A line of burned lunchboxes" by Takeuchi, Isamu

    A line of burned lunchboxes, Art -- Exlpanation by the artist: buriedAfter morning assembly, they were probably doing calisthenics. They seemed to be junior high students. I wonder where the owners of these lunchboxes were, laid out so neatly. Because this drill ground was near the hypocenter, the lost lunchboxes were burned but still retained their shape, which makes my heart ache. Thinking of the kindness and love some mother put into each, for them to become last lunches. . . -- 360 m from the hypocenter, Western Drill Ground, Moto-machi. The artist was 25 at the time of the bombing, 82 when he drew this picture.

  • Thumbnail for Hiroshima Memoir:   Tamiko Tsunematsu
    Hiroshima Memoir: Tamiko Tsunematsu by Tsunematsu, Tamiko

    Passage from the Memoir of Tamiko Tsunematsu (female) -- “The flames licked closer and closer, but my mother and I were not able to save either of them. [My sister called out,] ‘Mother, Tami-chan, hurry and get away. I will die here.’ Right after she said those words, my sister seemed to lose consciousness. ‘Rei-chan, I’m sorry. Forgive me, forgive me!,’ I sobbed. As I walked away I looked back, calling out ‘Forgive me, forgive me!’ I felt as if I would go mad. Mother and I held hands tightly. Then we looked back at our home neighborhood and put our hands together in prayer. The whole of our neighborhood was up in flames all around.â€

  • Thumbnail for Hiroshima:  National Peace Memorial Hall, sign describing continuing radiation related illnesses and deaths since 1945
    Hiroshima: National Peace Memorial Hall, sign describing continuing radiation related illnesses and deaths since 1945

    The injuries inflicted by the atomic bomb appeared to be healing by the end of 1945, but a high percentage of those who seemed to be recovering later fell victim to a vast array of aftereffects, including keloid scars, leukemia and other cancers. Since 1946, thousands of people have passed away each year, and the pain and anxiety of many survivors continue.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:  Cheeses
    Grocery Store Display: Cheeses

    Although the Japanese don't traditionally like cheeses, more people eat cheese these days. This grocery store has an impressive selection although this is *just* a regular super market.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:   Meats
    Grocery Store Display: Meats

    A variety of meats.

  • Thumbnail for Mail Counter
    Mail Counter

    Counters in a Japanese post-office

  • Thumbnail for School Children's Poster
    School Children's Poster

    Children's drawings adorn this poster.

  • Thumbnail for Map of Regions of Japan
    Map of Regions of Japan

    A poster with maps of regions in Japan at the Hokkaido post office.

  • Thumbnail for Liquor Menu
    Liquor Menu

    A liquor menu, with a variety of mixed drinks and sake.

  • Thumbnail for Fruit Stand
    Fruit Stand

    A fruit stand is set up on the sidewalk for people to browse as they shop.

  • Thumbnail for Children's Books
    Children's Books

    A display of childrens books at a bookstore in a Tokyo department store.

  • Thumbnail for Grocery Store Display:  Fish
    Grocery Store Display: Fish

    Different kinds of fresh fish ready to be prepared.

  • Thumbnail for Coffee Makers and Juicers
    Coffee Makers and Juicers

    A display of high-tech coffee makers and juicers.

  • Thumbnail for Rice Cookers, close-up
    Rice Cookers, close-up

    Some high tech rice cookers.

  • Thumbnail for Lotus Sutra
    Lotus Sutra

    The Lotus Sutra is an impressive example from an original set of eight scrolls of the Lotus Sutra, commissioned by Empress Tofukumon'in. The popularity of the Lotus Sutra as a text for copying is partly due to the teachings of the sutra itself, which promises merit and reward to those who copy the text or have it copied or who treat it with veneration.

  • Thumbnail for Illustrations of the Japan-China War
    Illustrations of the Japan-China War

    Title page from a book of illustrations from the Japan-China War of 1894-1895. Features two grinning men in britches and caps holding Japan's war flag aloft.

  • Thumbnail for Crane scroll, part 2
    Crane scroll, part 2 by Sotatsu, Tawaraya , Koetsu, Hon'ami

    See Crane scroll, part 1 (soc000277)

  • Thumbnail for Store display:  televisions
    Store display: televisions

    Televisions for sale

  • Thumbnail for Kimono Display
    Kimono Display

    A kimono display at a local department store.

  • Thumbnail for Emperor Go-Mizunoo
    Emperor Go-Mizunoo by Gen'yo Shonin [1634-1727]

    Ink and color painted I\image of the Tokugawa-era emperor Go-Mizunoo. The two poems were copied from inscriptions on other portraits of the emperor. The translation by Watanabe Akiyoshi is as follows: "Painful, this/withered tree fence hidden/ in the deep mountain;/ would that at least my heart's/ flowers were fragrantly abloom./ My life being thus,/ in this world that I will never revisit/ the thought of leaving a trace/ of my calligraphy for a moment-/ even that is sad." The artist Gen'yo, a Zen Buddhist nun, was Go-Mizunoo's granddaughter.

  • Thumbnail for Subway Passengers
    Subway Passengers

    People sit on a subway car, waiting for their ride to begin.

  • Thumbnail for Kimono Shop:  Obi price
    Kimono Shop: Obi price

    This obi costs about $180.

  • Thumbnail for Pedestrians on a Busy Sidewalk
    Pedestrians on a Busy Sidewalk

    Pedestrians on a busy sidewalk in Japan find a jungle of McDonalds carts, traffic, and subway entries.