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  • Thumbnail for [2012-11-09,10,11] Promises, Promises. Video. Pt.2
    [2012-11-09,10,11] Promises, Promises. Video. Pt.2

    Promises, Promises is a musical comedy based on the book by Neil Simon, music by Burt Bacharach, and lyrics by Hal David. This production is directed by Ann Brink, Instructor in Voice, and Daniel S. Brink, Lecturer in Music and Accompanist. Except for special guest, Thom Andreas, all cast members are voice students: Zachary Anderson, Doron Mitchell, Sarah Hupper, Oliver Kennan, Allyson Moore, Thomas Crandall, Suzannah Mikol, Arianne Beckman, William Colin Busby, Nicholas Geyer, Mariella Sinderhauf, Rebecca Blaine Carper, Zuri Randell, Michael Reed Gosage, Robin Hinson, Arianne Beckman, Raquel Vasquez.

  • Thumbnail for Music at Midday [2015-05-06]. Rec04
    Music at Midday [2015-05-06]. Rec04 by Colorado College. Dept. of Music.

    The Heather on the Hill from Brigadoon (Loewe/Lerner) -- Celia O'Brien, soprano; Jack Buettner, tenor; Daniel Brink, piano.