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  • Thumbnail for And You Sign
    And You Sign

    A shopping center known as "And You"

  • Thumbnail for Geisha, 2
    Geisha, 2

    Andy Bernard, St Olaf student, takes some time out from shopping to get his picture taken with a geisha.

  • Thumbnail for Book Display
    Book Display

    A book display

  • Thumbnail for Children's Books
    Children's Books

    A display of childrens books at a bookstore in a Tokyo department store.

  • Thumbnail for Geisha

    Andrea Ritland and Emily Wiedenhoeft take time out from shopping in Asakusa to pose for a picture with a modern-day geisha.

  • Thumbnail for Roof Detail
    Roof Detail

    Detail of the tiled roofline at the Meiji Shrine.

  • Thumbnail for Lantern Shop
    Lantern Shop

    This picture was taken by Prof Edward S. Morse of Harvard, who came to Japan in 1877 at the invitation of Tokyo Imperial University to teach zoology.

  • Thumbnail for House of Representatives
    House of Representatives

    A day in the life of the Diet. The House of Representatives meets in Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Meiji Shrine
    Meiji Shrine

    The Meiji Shring is a controversial shrine for many. It is where all of the war dead are entombed, including those who were executed at the end of WWII as war criminals.

  • Thumbnail for Exit Sign 2
    Exit Sign 2

    A sign in the subway system pointing the way to the JR (Japanese Rail) and the exit.

  • Thumbnail for Exit Sign at Night
    Exit Sign at Night

    Subway exit sign.

  • Thumbnail for Main Building at Meiji Shrine.
    Main Building at Meiji Shrine.

    The main building at the Meiji Shrine on a sunny day.