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    Neighborhood Public Hall

    This is in the basement of the Ueda Kominkan, the Public Hall in the neighborhood of the Earlham House. The case holds an array of porcelain/ceramic dishes that could be used by community members if they were to rent the room for a function. The small girl standing in front is Sakurakko, our Program Associate’s daughter.

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    Japanese house, entryway

    The front entrance of my host family’s house. Upon entering the house, family members shout “Tadaima!†(I’m home!) to announce their arrival, and remove their shoes. In the display case on the left are a box of artificial flowers, baskets with travel-size tissue packets, and wooden puzzle-sculptures that my host brother, age 7, had made. On the right, the behind the two closed sliding doors is a compartment where my family stores their winter shoes/boots during the summer, lightweight shoes during the summer to conserve storage space.

  • Thumbnail for Bus stop, Morioka
    Bus stop, Morioka

    Looking from my bus stop in front of the Morioka Taiikukan and Iwate University (Gandai for short), facing towards the NHK tower in the Ueda neighborhood.

  • Thumbnail for Shoe store with traditional footwear
    Shoe store with traditional footwear

    In order to participate in the Hachiman Festival Parade in Morioka, my group had to be outfitted in proper footwear, the Japanese geta (sandal). This store, besides selling Western-style sneakers and dress shoes also specialized in traditional footwear with shoes for everyone from parade participants to brides.

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    Festival Costume

    A little girl is being dressed by her mother. She was one of the two small girls in traditional white-faced makeup that led our float in the Hachiman Festival Parade.

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    Japanese house, interior

    Looking out from the dining/living room of my host family's house into the garden and at the clothesline, where my host grandmother would hang the daily wash out to dry every day. Very traditional-style Japanese house with sliding rice paper doors, but enclosed by modern glass doors to insulate the house.