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    This coarse-grained ophitic norite contains intergrown plagioclase and orthopyroxene. Chlorite alteration of pyroxene is pervasive.

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    This coarse-grained sample consists of large, euhedral, often twinned clinopyroxene crystals. Alteration along cracks contains minor chlorite.

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    Large, anhedral, interlocking crystals of olivine and clinopyroxene are found in this coarse-grained rock. Olivine alteration to iddinsite is confined to fractures which pervade the rock and cross-cut both mineral phases. Perthitic pyroxene intergrowths are observed. A contact between an ore-rich, opaque zone and the peridotite is preserved in the thin section.

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    This coarse-grained sample consists of equant, subhedral bronizite crystals with few large, anhedral plagioclase and augite crystals filling the interstices between grains.

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    Large, euhedral plagioclase crystals are more abundant in this norite than the pyroxenes. Exsolution lamellae are extensive in the pyroxenes. Minor clinozoisite is found growing in the cracks between pyroxenes.