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  • Thumbnail for Demilitarized Zone ROK soldier
    Demilitarized Zone ROK soldier

    Each Republic of Korea soldier at the Demilitarized Zone looks like the soldier shown above, standing in the more intimidating and revised version of a Judo stance. Their motto is, "Everyday we face our enemy".

  • Thumbnail for Demilitarized Zone:  Joint Secret Area
    Demilitarized Zone: Joint Secret Area

    This is the place where everyday soldiers from both North and South Korea have soldiers standing off, facing one another, literally on the border between the two countries. It is a very tense situation and tourists are under strict regulation as to what they can and cannot do.

  • Thumbnail for Demilitarized Zone railroad
    Demilitarized Zone railroad

    One plan of unifying the two Koreas was to create a railroad which would run between the two countries, hopefully leading later on to better relations. Unfortunately, the railroad is finished to the point that was designated, but not connected as hoped to North Korea.

  • Thumbnail for Demilitarized Zone monument
    Demilitarized Zone monument

    A monument placed outside of the entrance of the Demilitarized Zone main building for visitors. It is a representation of the desire to live together peacefully, despite the torn state of the two Koreas.