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  • Thumbnail for A celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival sign
    A celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival sign

    A celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival sign

  • Thumbnail for Ice cream to go
    Ice cream to go

    A traditional way of selling ice cream.

  • Thumbnail for Fruit stand
    Fruit stand

    Shoppers look at produce from a fruit stand in Chinatown.

  • Thumbnail for Helping the Spirits
    Helping the Spirits

    Three men burn paper offerings during the Hungry Ghost Festival

  • Thumbnail for Burning barrel
    Burning barrel

    This man is preparing to burn paper offerings.

  • Thumbnail for Outside the National Library
    Outside the National Library

    A man rests on a ledge outside of Singapore’s National Library.

  • Thumbnail for Sentosa’s Merlion
    Sentosa’s Merlion

    The Merlion overlooks visitors to Sentosa.

  • Thumbnail for Sitting in Toa Payoh
    Sitting in Toa Payoh

    A mother and son taking a rest in Toa Payoh.

  • Thumbnail for Atop the Esplandae
    Atop the Esplandae

    A view from the courtyard on top of the Esplanade.

  • Thumbnail for PrivateHousing

    Swimming pool at a private housing complex.

  • Thumbnail for The Majestic building
    The Majestic building

    A historical building in Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Singapore's Chinatown:  North Bridge Road
    Singapore's Chinatown: North Bridge Road

    Chinatown's North Bridge Road, Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Bukit Timah Nature Reserve:  Monkeys, 2
    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: Monkeys, 2

    Monkeys along the roadside at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Hindu temple
    Hindu temple

    A Hindu Temple located just outside of Chinatown, Singapore.

  • Thumbnail for Ladder
    Ladder by Kim Lim (1936-1997)

    Intaglio print on paper. British sculptor and printmaker of Chinese birth. She grew up in Singapore and at the age of 18 decided to go to London to study at Saint Martin’s School of Art (1954–6) where she took a particular interest in wood-carving; she then transferred to the Slade School of Art, where she concentrated on printmaking, graduating in 1960. Whilst at college she often travelled through Asia and Europe en route back to Singapore, with Indian and South-East Asian sculpture and spirituality making a great impact on her work. While Lim always acknowledged a debt to the work of Constantin Brancusi in her simplification and abstraction of forms, it is in her concern for the specific qualties of materials, as in her use of charred wood to create contrast, that the influence of Eastern spirituality and concepts of balance can be seen. In 1960 she married the painter and sculptor William Turnbull, settling in London but continuing to travel widely. In the 1960s and 1970s her sculptures were mainly carved from wood, using forms inspired by basic rhythmic forms and structures, with each element forming a balanced whole. Her prints from this time also explore these modulations, as in the etchings Set of Eight (1975; see 1995 exh. cat., pp. 24 and 28), which consist of simple patterns of blocks and lines.

  • Thumbnail for Food vendors offer their ancestors help
    Food vendors offer their ancestors help

    The workers at this stand maintain a table of offerings.

  • Thumbnail for Another side of the Hawker Centre
    Another side of the Hawker Centre

    The back of this Hawker Centre has a market for fresh food.

  • Thumbnail for A classic altar for the deities
    A classic altar for the deities

    A classic altar for the deities

  • Thumbnail for Burnt Offerings
    Burnt Offerings

    Offerings to the spirits are burnt in alleys behind homes.

  • Thumbnail for Gateway

    A gateway to a section of Haw Par Villa, which presents Chinese fables and religion.

  • Thumbnail for Chinatown Overpass
    Chinatown Overpass

    Atop one of Chinatown’s overpass is a place to relax.

  • Thumbnail for Crowded streets
    Crowded streets

    The streets of Chinatown are filled with people every day.

  • Thumbnail for Streets of Chinatown
    Streets of Chinatown

    Shoppers peruse the shops of Chinatown.

  • Thumbnail for Outside influence
    Outside influence

    The banners show both local and foreign businesses, such as 7-11.

  • Thumbnail for Living quarters
    Living quarters

    An apartment complex designed by the Housing Development Board.