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  • Thumbnail for Nara Shrine
    Nara Shrine

    A wooden trellis at a Nara Shinto shrine being used to hang fortunes on.

  • Thumbnail for Amida Nyorai
    Amida Nyorai

    Seated Amida Nyorai. Wood with gold leaf. From the temple, Horyuji.

  • Thumbnail for Daibutsuden, the Great Buddha Hall, at Todaiji, Nara, a video tour
    Daibutsuden, the Great Buddha Hall, at Todaiji, Nara, a video tour

    This movie presents a walk through the Daibutsuden, the Great Buddha Hall, at the temple, Todaiji, in Nara, Japan. The video is approximately 10 minutes long and is comprised of 7 minutes of a walking tour through the Daibutsuden, with ambient sound, but no narration, and concludes with 3 minutes of scrolling text narrative. Created in mini-DV format, it is presented here as a QuickTime movie, compressed to CD-ROM quality. Depending upon your set-up, the video may open directly on your screen or it may be downloaded to your desktop. Download in either case normally may take from 3 to 5 minutes, although it may take longer if you are working with a slow connection.

  • Thumbnail for Deer at Nara, 2
    Deer at Nara, 2

    Deer at Nara eating.

  • Thumbnail for Haniwa house with hipped and gable roof
    Haniwa house with hipped and gable roof

    This is a haniwa, an earthenware clay object associated with the burial mounds of the Kansai region. The form of the roof, soaring up and out at the ends, is typical of many haniwa representations of dwellings of the period. -- Important as an artifact, in and of itself, the sweep of the contour of the roof in this example also calls to mind the shape of the cenotaph at Hiroshima. The cenotaph probably was created in this form to create an association with haniwa and with the ideas of home and shelter.

  • Thumbnail for Deer at Nara
    Deer at Nara

    A student feeds deer at Nara.

  • Thumbnail for Gate at Todai-ji
    Gate at Todai-ji

    The enormous scale of this enormous gate at Todai-ji is hard to imagine until one sees people standing next to it.

  • Thumbnail for Mini Building
    Mini Building

    A beautifully crafted scale model of the main temple at Todai-ji.

  • Thumbnail for Lantern

    A stone lantern sits surrounded by rectangular pillars.

  • Thumbnail for Todai-ji temple
    Todai-ji temple

    The altar of the Fukukenjaku Kannon inside the Hokke-do hall at Todai-ji

  • Thumbnail for River Shrine
    River Shrine

    On a man-made island in the middle of a small river sits several statues and pillars in honor of the river god.