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    Ten Kings Sutra

    Depiction of larger handscroll from Dunhuang of one of the ten kings of Hell. The seated king is flanked by his assistants, one of which offers up a list of the deceased's merits and demerits for his perusal. The text to the left notes that on the 27th day after death, the deceased passes in front of the King of the First River.

  • Thumbnail for Jataka of the Deer King
    Jataka of the Deer King

    This mural is based on the Sutra of the Nine-Colored Deer King. Nine scenes are depicted. From the left end, the drowning man cries for help, a deer passes by the river, and saves the drowning man; the man thanking the deer, and the deer is then shown sleeping. On the other end, the queen tells of her dream and the king issues an order to reward the person who helps capture the deer; the drowning man betrays the deer; the man leads the king in a hunt for the deer, and the nine-colored deer denounces the man's lack of gratitude before the king. Cave 257, Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang.