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  • Thumbnail for Head of Buddhist divinity
    Head of Buddhist divinity

    Bronze work. Probably Burmese.

  • Thumbnail for Lacquer box
    Lacquer box

    In shape of a peacock. It is painted in complex red and black patterns, somewhat after the Chinese manner. The bird however is a cross between a local chicken and an Indian peacock. It is unclear what this might have been made for, but it appears to be 75-100 years old or more.

  • Thumbnail for Wooden seated Buddha with recent stand and pedestal
  • Thumbnail for Silver box
    Silver box

    Said to be a Burmese silver box in the shape of a mangosteen. Similar in manufacture to the Sri Lankan silver boxes in the collection.

  • Thumbnail for Large wooden standing Buddha
    Large wooden standing Buddha

    Gilded lacquer with glass inlay on borders of robe. The gap between arm and body on his left side is distinctive to later Burmese images. It is a fine piece of the sort that might have been flanked in a ritual display by attendants such as those just discussed. It's more routine, stiffer modeling and expressiveness provides a useful point of contrast to the two extraordinarily fine attendants.

  • Thumbnail for Buddha on elephant throne (detail only)
    Buddha on elephant throne (detail only)

    Buddha performing bhumisparsa mudra.

  • Thumbnail for Lacquer bowl
    Lacquer bowl

    Carved into form of a lotus and painted with dark gold floral patterns on a black ground The interior is red and the edges of the lotus leaves and interstitial leaves are gilded. Probably a container for religious offerings. Modern Burma is noted for its lacquer ware tradition.