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  • Thumbnail for Hutong home
    Hutong home

    Brick residence in a Beijing hutong ("alley"). Found in north China and especially Beijing, the hutong as urban organizing principle dates to the 13th century; this structure is of more recent vintage. Note the stacks of coal piled outside for fuel.

  • Thumbnail for Guest house restaurant
    Guest house restaurant

    Colored bulbs and happy chefs proffering tasty dishes adorn the restaurant of a guest house for military personnel.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University kids
    Beijing University kids

    A young boy and girl chat animatedly as they stroll on the path through the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Workers at Beijing University
    Workers at Beijing University

    Workers at Beijing University involved in the construction of new housing for foreign students.

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan arches to Huangqiongyu
    Tiantan arches to Huangqiongyu

    Seen from the edge of the Temple of Heaven's circular mound (site of yearly imperial sacrifices), the Imperial Vault of Heaven, which housed that deity's spirit tablet, lies beyond a series of stone gates.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University Boya Tower
    Beijing University Boya Tower

    Constructed in 1924 to supply the Yanjing University campus with water, Boya ("erudition") Tower has since, along with Weiming ("unnamed") Lake, become an iconic feature of the Beijing University campus.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcoming poster
    Beijing University welcoming poster

    In the fall of 1988, a Beijing University student reads a wall poster welcoming new students and reminding them of the storied role of the school in 20th century Chinese history.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihedian
    Gugong Taihedian

    View of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, foremost of the three central halls in the Imperial Palace complex, from the front courtyard where officials assembled for great court audiences.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihedian Jinshuiqiao
    Gugong Taihedian Jinshuiqiao

    One of five stone bridges which cross the Inner Golden River in the courtyard beyond Meridian Gate, the entrance to the Imperial Palace.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University offices
    Beijing University offices

    The overgrown courtyard beyond this Beijing University campus gate houses the Marxism-Leninism Research Institute, Japan Research Center, Foreign Philosophy Research Institute, and the Afro-Asian Research Institute.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University's West Gate
    Beijing University's West Gate

    A close-up of Beijing University's ornate and traditional styled, beyond which can be seen the willow trees of campus.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing plates
    Beijing plates

    A shiny new license plate marks a change in ownership for this rusty old bicycle.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong Taihemen
    Gugong Taihemen

    View of the Gate of Supreme Harmony, beyond which lies the Hall of Supreme Harmony to the north in the Imperial Palace complex in Beijing known as the Forbidden City.

  • Thumbnail for On the Great Wall
    On the Great Wall

    St. Olaf Students Angie Lau and Naoya Nishino (Class of 2005) climb the Great Wall.

  • Thumbnail for Build Socialism
    Build Socialism

    Cyclists, pedicabs and buses pass a billboard exhorting passersby to "Rely on one's own strength to pioneer new enterprises with painstaking effort; Do a good job of constructing a socialist economy."

  • Thumbnail for Bicycle repair shop
    Bicycle repair shop

    Inner tubes lie piled on the eaves of a humble Beijing bicycle repair shop

  • Thumbnail for Street haze
    Street haze

    Cars and buses move through late afternoon haze on a Beijing thoroughfare.

  • Thumbnail for Kids playing
    Kids playing

    Two young boys playing in a Beijing street

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan Qiniandian stairs
    Tiantan Qiniandian stairs

    Designed in 1531 (by the Ming Emperor Shizong, it is said), the Temple of Heaven's Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year known to modern tourists is the result of a 1751 renovation. The circular roof signifies Heaven, the square base earth.

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan Huangqiandian placard
    Tiantan Huangqiandian placard

    Detail of entryway to the Hall of Sovereign Heaven, a structure at the northern end of the Temple of Heaven which housed the tablets of heavenly spirits. (The tablet representing Heaven itself, however, was stored in the central Imperial Vault of Heaven.)

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan Qiniandian eaves
    Tiantan Qiniandian eaves

    Three sets of conical eaves representing Heaven, Earth and Nature cap the Temple of Heaven's Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year. Originally colored azure, yellow and green to indicate that symbolism, a 1751 renovation left all eaves azure.

  • Thumbnail for Gugong lions
    Gugong lions

    Lion statues flank the stairs to the Gate of Heavenly Purity (Qianqing men), entrance to the three rear, or inner, palaces of the Forbidden City situated to the north of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Imperial Palace.

  • Thumbnail for Beijing University welcomes new classmates
    Beijing University welcomes new classmates

    Rows of bicycles line a Beijing University campus hall, while overhead a bright red banner reads "warmly welcome new classmates."

  • Thumbnail for Tiantan Qiniandian Wall
    Tiantan Qiniandian Wall

    Detail of wall a the base of the Temple of Heaven's Hall of Prayer for a Prosperous Year, capped by beams bearing the dragon and phoenix motif.

  • Thumbnail for Reading flyers
    Reading flyers

    Beijing University student peruses flyers on a campus kiosk for a coffee house, photography service, and new books, among other announcements.