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    Fan painting - Calligraphy by Zhu Yun

    14 lines of regular script alternate between six and three characters in each line. The last four lines contain the date and dedication, followed by the two character signature. Zhu Yun, known as Kejian, was from the area of Wu prefecture in Jiangsu province, an area long celebrated for its culture and the artistic figures who provided that history. He was known more for his paintings of landscapes, figures, and bird and flower than for his calligraphy, and one is not over impressed with this example from his hand. The fan is written in a regular script, evenly spaced and with some sense of structure, but the individual strokes lack relationship to one another and the modulation occurs in a haphazard way. The name Kejian means "a break, an intermission," and perhaps he took too much time from his studies. Someday, perhaps, one of his paintings will turn up and one can judge where his talents lay.