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    Four Accomplishments, Left Screen by Yusho, Kaiho (1533-1615)

    This pair of screens offers a novel interpretation of the four accomplishments of calligraphy, painting, music, and go (a board game). Yusho's pictorialization of the four accomplishments is very loose. The art of painting is represented by the trio viewing a scroll on the right screen. The corner of a go board on a red lacquer stand can be seen behind the outcrop of rocks in the lower right corner. Music is suggested by the brightly clad page bearing a zither in its protective covering on the left screen. Calligraphy is implied by the voluptuous beauty leaning against a treereading a folding book, as well as by the books on the low table. - abridged from catalogue entry by Christine Guth.

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    Four Accomplishments, Right Screen by Yusho, Kaiho (1533-1615)

    For description of this work, see left screen, soc0006111.