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  • Thumbnail for Abortion Legislation, Women's Rights, and The Gender Wage Gap
    Abortion Legislation, Women's Rights, and The Gender Wage Gap by Tulchinsky, Ella

    The gender wage gap is the inequality in what men and women are paid. Historically, men have earned more than women in the labor force. The gap between wages is slowly converging over time, but women still only make about 80 cents for every dollar earned by men. Prior research explains that the main factors behind the prevalent wage inequality is mainly a function of occupational segregation and women’s lack of labor market experience. However, there is still a large amount of the wage gap that is unexplained. This research project investigates if there is a link between women’s contraceptive rights and the wages they receive. Specifically, this research examines the role of differing abortion laws in altering women’s life-cycle wages, and its ultimate implications for the gender wage gap. Findings suggest that that there is a positive relationship between restrictive abortion legislation and the gender wage gap at the 75th percentile.