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  • Thumbnail for East Asian Ceramics:  Then and Now.  06,  Vase by Choi Sungjae
    East Asian Ceramics: Then and Now. 06, Vase by Choi Sungjae by Sungjae, Choi (1962 - )

    This slab-formed bottle vase form, titled 1cMeditation-Staying V, 1d is a contemporary Korean piece. It refers to the much earlier Korean tradition of Punch 19ong-ware, as seen in the Punch 19ong-ware Flask in this exhibit (represented here in image ecasia000359). 1cMeditation-Staying V 1d refers to the earlier tradition through its use of materials and decorative technique. It is a form constructed of slabs ( 1csheets 1d) of clay, cut and assembled when stiff enough to be handled without deforming them [incidentally, if you look carefully at the lower portion of the piece, you can discern a line that shows that the top of the body of the piece sits on a slab that forms the bottom of the piece]. The two lugs on the shoulder of the piece are bits of soft clay added as accents after the piece was assembled (they derive from loops of clay on the shoulders of pieces, formerly functional forms, as might be used, e.g., to attach cords to tie down a piece of material to seal the mouth of a jar). The neck of this piece, as seen from a higher point of view, is oval in shape; it could have been formed with a slab of clay or might have been thrown on a potters 19 wheel (thrown as a cylinder, then squeezed to the oval form used on the piece). The finished form, before firing, was coated with a thick white clay slip, using a broad, coarse brush to apply the slip. The potter 19s finger or a tool of some sort then was used to draw through the soft slip surface, revealing the dark clay body beneath the slip coating. [Many persons will recall using a similar technique in school art classes to create drawings on 1cscratch-board. 1d] When fired, probably in a 1csmoky 1d reduction atmosphere, the clear glaze takes on the cool tonality of reduced iron oxide and shows a slight greenish cast, similar to the effect created on traditional Punch 19ong-ware. The imagery on the piece also refers to the earlier tradition of Punch 19ong-ware in its content and spirit. As stated on the museum exhibition label, 1cIn keeping with the spontaneity of the design of such ceramics of Korea 19s past [Punch 19ong-ware], Choi Sungjae used his fingers to draw a picture of ducks swimming among reeds on this large vase. 1d -- Gift of Bernard and Suzanne Pucker in honor of Stephen Kuman, RO46208