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  • Thumbnail for The Impact of Urban Agriculture on Malnutrition in Africa
    The Impact of Urban Agriculture on Malnutrition in Africa by Powell, Grace

    Africa currently has the highest number of people who are malnourished. This has to do with the growing inequalities in the country and the inadequate food supply. The upper class has access to most of the resources, and people in Africa are living in extreme poverty, 74 cents a day. This study seeks to back up the claim that urban agriculture does have a relationship with food insecurity. It specifically looks at the relationships between the prevalence of undernourished, average dietary energy supply adequacy, average value of food production, percentage of arable land equipped for irrigation, access to improved water source, access to improved sanitation and the value of agricultural production. Using data from the Food and Agriculture Organization in order to understand the impacts urban agriculture can have on food insecurity in Africa.