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    Predicting success in international women's soccer by Ourisman, Mary Chloe

    While many previous economic studies focus on determining the role various socio-economic factors on men’s international soccer performance, very few studies performed on women’s soccer exist. A gross discrepancy between the top ranked men’s and women’s international soccer teams compels this study, which includes measures of gender equality as a hypothesized deterministic factor for women’s international soccer rankings. The hypothesis here suggests that where women are afforded more opportunities in society, they will experience success in other realms of life as well. An OLS regression using FIFA/Coca Cola women’s rankings as the dependent variable yielded that while the utilized proxies of gender equality are not related to soccer performance, the average IQ of a country and the number of casual soccer players a country claims serve as highly predictive factors when determining which countries will field successful women’s international soccer teams. Whether or not a country has a communist government and the number of years a country’s team has been affiliated with FIFA were also found to have significant value when predicting the FIFA rankings.