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    Corporate Influence on Monetary Government Outcomes by Newby, Seth

    The goal of this paper is to analyze the impact of corporate political contributions on the allocation of U.S subsides. This is achieved by correlating how much money a corporation spends on political investments in the form of Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions and lobbying, and how much money they receive back in the form of government monetary subsides. Using regression analysis, this study finds that for every one dollar a corporation spends on PAC contributions, there is an expected return of $4.37 dollars from the government in some form of subsidy. For every one dollar spent on lobbying, this study finds an expected return of $0.44 dollars from the government. The size and industry of the firm and the type of industry are statistically significant determinants of subsidy allocation. An ethical analysis is also performed in this thesis, and the results suggest ethically questionable practices involving corporate political action with need for reform.

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    QuickLock by Newby, Seth , Merrill, Jay

    In April of 2013, Colorado College hosted a momentous entrepreneurial event for its students. The Big Idea was a pitch event where Colorado College students presented their project idea before a panel of five judges in order to compete for $50,000 in funding towards the project. The panel reviewed the project ideas based on financial stability, effect on quality of life, feasibility and presentation, and the potential impact of the project on the world. In this video clip, entrepreneurs Seth Newby and Jay Merrill present their Big Idea, QuickLock.