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  • Thumbnail for Major determinants of child mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Major determinants of child mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa by Muzzy, Leslie

    This paper evaluates the fourth Millennium Development Goal that calls for a two-thirds reduction in child mortality rates. The study provides an empirical analysis specifically on child mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa. The final analysis shows that GDP, the prevalence of HIV, the improvement of water resources, and female education are the four most significant variables in determining child mortality. The analysis concludes that governments should focus on targeting funds to specific initiatives in education, improvement of water resources, and reducing the spread of HIV infections. The current annual rate of reduction for child mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa is 4.1%. This is insufficient to reach the fourth Millennium Development goal by the 2015 deadline.

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    Mobile Munchie Machine by Berglund, Hanna , Muzzy, Leslie , Landon, Halsey , Atchinson, Zach , Byers, Alex , Sigalov, Stanley

    In April of 2013, Colorado College hosted a momentous entrepreneurial event for its students. The Big Idea was a pitch event where Colorado College students presented their project idea before a panel of five judges in order to compete for $50,000 in funding towards the project. The panel reviewed the project ideas based on financial stability, effect on quality of life, feasibility and presentation, and the potential impact of the project on the world. In this video clip, entrepreneurs Alex Byers, Halsey Landon, Hanna Berglund, Leslie Muzzy, Stanley Sigalov, and Zach Atchinson present their Big Idea, Mobile Munchie Machine.