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    Fan painting - Calligraphy by Multiple artists

    Ten separate inscriptions are written in a very small running script amounting to over a thousand characters. Each inscription is signed and sealed, but not yet identified. On this fan are ten different inscriptions by nine different artists. They are written in a very tiny regular-running script, and there is no doubt that these were educated men. This is a very interesting series of notes, with some references to paintings the major writer has seen. It will take some serious study to work out the meaning of the inscriptions and their relationship to one another. There may be great value in the literary record of ownership, but less in the calligraphy itself.

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    Fan painting - Calligraphy from multiple hands by Multiple artists including Ye Xiuchang and Wang Lanshen

    At least nine distinct blocks of calligraphy written in a tiny regular script on a round-shaped fan. Out of the ten signatures on the piece, two have been identified, Ye Xiuchang and Wang Lanshen. The date of 1880 would have occurred late in both of their lives. Such a piece as this would be of interest primarily for the text. Other than the skill involved in writing at this scale, there is little artistic value.