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  • Thumbnail for Why alumni (don’t) give : motivations of charitable giving at Colorado College
    Why alumni (don’t) give : motivations of charitable giving at Colorado College by Lee, Nathan Harry

    In 2012 Colorado College has a low rate of alumni giving of less than 19%. The top colleges in this category boast a rate of more than 50%. At this time, Colorado College is a highly selective and competitive private liberal arts college. In 2012, philanthropic giving to institutions of higher education totaled more than $31 billion. This study seeks to identify the motivations of Colorado College alumni to give philanthropically to their alma mater. A survey used by Hubert (2009) was modified and sent out to 1000 CC alumni. Five groups of alumni were targeted: those who give regularly, those who used to give but no longer do so, those who have never given, alumni who live outside the state of Colorado, and alumni who live in Colorado. In addition, different direct mailing strategies were used to attempt to influence response rates. This study finds that the major motivations of charitable giving among CC alumni are loyalty to the institution, the establishment of a relationship with the institution, and financial security.

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    Colorado Springs panhandling ordinance by Mamet, Elliott , Knecht, Pat , Whitnah, Charis , Sigalov, Stanley , Lee, Nathan

    This is a letter from the members of the Colorado College Student Government Association addressed to Colorado Springs City Council President Scott Hente and President Pro Tem Jan Martin. The Colorado College Student Government Association submitted a student opinion regarding a proposed city panhandling ordinance.