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    Fan painting - Calligraphy by Lady Tanchen (act. late 19th century)

    Transcription on the "Loshen Fu" (Ode on the Nymph of the Lo River). There are fifty six lines alternating between lines of eighteen and ten characters (in two instances, two short and two long lines are together.) The characters are written in a tiny regular script,two lines with the dedication, date and signature are at the far left. There is no other record of this artist. Although dated within the sixty-year cycle, the specific year cannot be settled until someone uncovers more information on the life span of the artist. For comments on women artists and on writing such small characters, see fan #1. The text is the "Ode on the Nymph of the Lo River," written by Cao Zhi (Cao Zijian) who lived from 192-232. This is a famous literary piece, often illustrated by artists over the centuries. Students would find this an interesting topic for an essay.