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  • Thumbnail for The Fishing Boat, front close-up
    The Fishing Boat, front close-up by Kawanishi Hide

    The Fishing Boat is a landscape foregrounding the nets and frames for harvesting seaweed, as well as fishing boats, the setting is probably in or near his lifelong home of Kobe.

  • Thumbnail for The Window, front view
    The Window, front view by Kawanishi Hide

    In contrast to Kawanishi’s view of the industrial port of Kobe, this print represents the modern-looking traditional side of Japan, with starkly vertical and horizontal lines of shoji screens opened just enough to reveal a stone lantern and garden greenery. This work is a charming example of how sosaku hanga could emphasize the apparent paradox of the inherent modernity of traditional Japan.

  • Thumbnail for Port in Early Dawn, front view
    Port in Early Dawn, front view by Kawanishi Hide

    Another representation of Kawanishi’s home town, with a glowing buoy setting off the distant lighthouse and dark mountain, this print is a good example of the style.

  • Thumbnail for Ainu, front view
    Ainu, front view by Kawanishi Hide

    This modernist portrait of a representative of Japan’s northern aborigine minority, dressed for a dance performance, is a fine example of figurative printmaking in the sosaku hanga mode.