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  • Thumbnail for The Toxicity Identification Evaluation assay as a tool for Wastewater Management
    The Toxicity Identification Evaluation assay as a tool for Wastewater Management by Hanahan, Jonathan

    As terrestrial and marine ecosystems increasingly experience detrimental stress from pollution and contamination, contemporary waste management should consider wastewater as more than just trash to discard, but instead as a crucial resource to be developed. The Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE) is one of more comprehensive ecotoxicological methods which can evaluate and address toxic wastewater mitigation without knowledge of the specific toxic components. The aim of this study was to explore the effectiveness of TIE from a wastewater management standpoint by a) Testing the TIE method on a specific toxic aqueous effluent produced from a Danish offshore oil drilling operation, and b) assess its efficacy in the broader context of environmental management through a comparison of scientific literature on wastewater management. By applying TIE in conjunction with a MicrotoxTM equivalent toxicity test, this study found that an initial biological treatment followed by the application of activated carbon, is effective for addressing the toxic fractions of the oil produced wastewater. An analysis of the literature reveals that the strength of TIE compared to other more chemically specific techniques is in its broad application and ability to be applied to unfamiliar toxins and situations. Overall, the TIE is a critical tool to be considered and recommended for wastewater management as well as broader environmental management.