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  • Thumbnail for The Impact of the Craft Beer Market Boom on Drunk Driving Fatalities
    The Impact of the Craft Beer Market Boom on Drunk Driving Fatalities by Hale, Bradley

    Drunk driving fatalities in the United States ha ve decreased significantly in the last several decades. To explain this trend, current literature examines possible reasons for the reduction and points to correlations between legislation, police enforcement levels, education levels, and alcohol abuse programs. However, there are limited studies analyzing the direct relationship between drunk driving fatalities and craft breweries. This paper studies this relationship at a nationwide level across the United States from 1994-2014 to better understand the complexities of the craft beer industry revolution and attempt to explain the decline in drunk driving deaths. To represent craft breweries, total breweries are analyzed while controlling for craft beer with a variety of demographic variables and other control variables. This study concludes that craft breweries are negatively correlated with drunk driving fatalities. Although the explanation to this discovery is challenging, the results provide insight to policy makers on the relationship between the rapid expansion of the craft beer market and drunk driving. These conclusions may lead to continued strategic efforts to eliminate drunk driving from our society.