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    Reviews of articles by Gaetz, Ivan

    Ivan Gaetz, co-editor of Collaborative Librarianship, reviews three articles: Sara Mudd and Andy Havens, “Library Cooperation in the 21st Century: Combining Forces to Achieve More.” NextSpace, No. 12 (June 2009): 4-9. Diane J. Graves, “The Other Sustainability Problem” Educause Review: Why IT Matters to Higher Education, Vol. 44, no. 2 (March/April 2009): 72-73. Martha M. Yee. “‘Wholly Visionary’: the American Library Association, the Library of Congress, and the Card Distribution Program,” eScholarship Repository, University of California, (2009): 68-78.

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    An expanding vision of collaboration by Gaetz, Ivan

    This third issue of Collaborative Librarianship attempts to grasp aspects of this expanding vision. Both Steve Fisher’s article on the birth of CARL in the 1970s and Martha Yee’s post-print article (briefly annotated) on the cooperative cataloging services of the Library of Congress in the early 1900s highlight the strong commitment libraries historically have made to explore innovative ways of working together. Such remarkable commitment has helped pave the way for future opportunities in library collaboration.

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    Again a cottage industry by Gaetz, Ivan

    If Gaetz interprets correctly the views of Jason Epstein, elder statesman of the publishing world, Collaborative Librarianship in fact takes its place in the rebirthing of a cottage industry. The Random House College Dictionary defines “cottage industry” as, “an industry in which the product is made in a self-employed worker’s home (in contrast with a factory).” Beginning in the 1450's in homes and shops, printing and publishing progressed through the centuries to become enormous, multinational corporate empires. Now, all that is changing. With the emergence of the internet, social networking and mobile technologies of one kind or another, a new paradigm comes into play, a new model described by Epstein as a cottage industry long forgotten in the big business of publishing—and you are invited to be a part of it! Collaborative Librarianship invites you to become directly involved in this new cottage industry as authors, editors, reviewers, readers, responders—working where you are, anywhere in the world, creatively, autonomously, and exhibiting much diversity—interacting with information and knowledge. You have an opportunity to participate in meaningful ways in this new world of publishing anticipated by Jason Epstein.

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    Collaborative Librarianship : new light on a brilliant concept by Gaetz, Ivan

    Libraries around the world have enjoyed a remarkable history of working together. The present contexts of collaboration in other sectors of society, of a growing literature on collaborative management theory and practice, of the Colorado experience in library collaboration, constitute fertile soil that nurtures new initiatives in collaboration. No Brief Candle provides perspectives on the importance of collaboration for libraries of the 21st century. The new journal, Collaborative Librarianship, builds on the great traditions of the past and seeks to promote library networking, cooperation and partnerships in new ways. Readers are invited to participate in this new venture.

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    Snapshot of library collaboration by Gaetz, Ivan

    Editor, Ivan Gaetz is struck by the depth and diversity of collaboration represented in this issue of Collaborative Librarianship.

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    Editorial introduction by Gaetz, Ivan

    Although Collaborative Librarianship is based in the United States, the journal wishes to address issues related to collaboration in other countries around the world. We are pleased to have volume 2, number 2 focus on this broader horizon.

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    Editorial introduction by Gaetz, Ivan

    Having completed this past fall our first year of publication, Collaborative Librarianship looks forward to another good year of promoting, critiquing, and expanding library collaboration across all kinds of boundaries spanning all types of libraries.

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    Compelling and necessary momentum : a recent timeline in open access by Gaetz, Ivan

    Ivan Gaetz presents a six week timeline of developments in the open access movement.

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    Editorial introduction : telling stories by Gaetz, Ivan

    This issue marks the start of Collaborative Librarianship’s third year of publication. The articles presented here reveal the great richness of creative thought moving librarians to develop intriguing and exciting ways of working together and of reaching out to persons and groups outside the profession of librarianship.

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    Collaborative Librarianship : five years and counting by Gaetz, Ivan

    Ivan Gaetz, co-editor of Collaborative Librarianship, reflects as the journal completes five full years of publishing. Not only does the journal publish articles on collaboration, it also represents in practical terms some of the best practices in library collaboration.