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    Louis R. and Leah Lucile Ehrich family by Ehrich, Louis R., 1849-1911 , Ehrich, Leah Lucile

    Historic documentation of life at the turn of the 19th century created by residents of Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1901 for the citizens of 2001. Under the direction of Louis R. Ehrich, a prominent 19th century businessman, the items were sealed in a chest which was stored in various buildings on the Colorado College campus until the official opening January 1, 2001 at the Charles Leaming Tutt Library. Contents of Ms349, Fd 49, Louis R. and Leah Lucile Ehrich family include: 25 “Yellow Kid” buttons; 55 “Flag” buttons; 17 “Campaign” buttons; 2 souvenir medals of the 1895 and 1898 Flower Carnivals; 1 handwritten note, dated August 5, 1901, “To my dear descendent, from your great-great-grandmother, who is at present twelve years old.”; 1 10-page, handwritten letter, dated July 24, 1901, addressed “To my Fellow-Townspeople of Colorado Springs in the Year 2001,” signed by Louis R. Ehrich; 1 2-page, typewritten copy of a letter, dated March 24, 1898, addressed to the President of the United States, calling for non-intervention in Cuba, with typed names of 51 prominent male citizens of Colorado Springs; 1 5-page, handwritten letter, dated August 4, 1901, written in praise of Louis Ehrich by his daughter, signed by Leah Lucile Ehrich; 4 b&w photos, “Louis R. Ehrich. Aug/01.”; 3 b&w photos, “Henriette Ehrich, taken in Colorado Springs in 1900.”; 1 b&w photo, “Rebecca Ehrich. Taken in 1897 at Colorado Springs.”; 1 b&w photo, “Caroline Minzie, Mother of Henriette Ehrich. April 5/97”; 1 paperbound copy of “A Message from the Old to the New Century: A Religion for All Time”; written by Louis R. Ehrich, published in “The Arena” in 1893; 1 2-page, handwritten letter, dated August, 1901, addressed to “My dear descendants,” signed by Louis R. Ehrich; 1 11-page, typewritten letter, dated August 3, 1901, addressed “To My Descendants Who May Be Living in the Year 2001,” giving information on the Ehrich family, signed by Louis R. Ehrich; 1 printed pamphlet “Hymns for Dedication of ‘The Century Chest,’ Perkins Fine Arts;Hall.”; 1 hardbound copy of The Question of Silver by Louis R. Ehrich, inscribed by the author; 1 paperbound copy of “Proceedings of the Conference of the National Committee of the Sound Money Democracy, held at Indianapolis, Ind., August 7, 1896”. 1 printed pamphlet “The Gold Standard” and “The Folly and Futility of Fighting Evolution” by Hon. Joseph M. Carey and Louis R. Ehrich; 1 copy of news article from The Republican, “Speech of Chairman Ehrich at the Third Party Conference” (pasted on cardboard sheets.)