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    Public School System - John Dietrich by Dietrich, John

    Historic documentation of life at the turn of the 19th century created by residents of Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1901 for the citizens of 2001. Under the direction of Louis R. Ehrich, a prominent 19th century businessman, the items were sealed in a chest which was stored in various buildings on the Colorado College campus until the official opening January 1, 2001 at the Charles Leaming Tutt Library. Contents of Ms349, Fd 21, Public School System - John Dietrich include: 1 20-page, handwritten letter, dated August 1, 1901, addressed “To the Residents of Colorado Springs in the year 2001:” signed by John Dietrich, Superintendent of Schools; 8 b&w photos: “W. S. Morris - Member Board of Education,” “Rufus B. Thayer,” “O. E. Collins, Sec’y Board of Education,” “Rev. M. D. Ormes, Member Board of Education,” “George S. Elstun, Member Board of Education,” “O. E. Hemenway, Member Board of Education,” “A. G. Sharp, Treasurer of School District No. 11,” “John Dietrich, Superintendent of Schools”; 1 paperbound booklet “Colorado Springs Public Schools Outline of Studies: Elementary and High Schools 1897-1898”; 1 printed directory of School Board Members, Teachers, Committees and Janitors for 1900-1901; 1 printed card listing Officers and Committees of the Colorado Springs School Board, 1901-1902; 1 clothbound copy of By-laws and Rules and Regulations of the Public School System.