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    Who will have an entrepreneur as their neighbor? by Bjerke, Axel

    Columbus on the boarder between Georgia and Alabama has gone from about 113 new firms in 2005 to 68 new firms in 2012, while Bend in Oregon had almost 830 new firms in 2007 or almost 0.006 new firms per capita. Which is the highest per capita for any city in the US between 2005-2012. These differences have been attributed to culture and other factors that are very hard to change and control. This thesis will investigate the effect of the presence of specific types of firms on entrepreneurship. Does a city want to attract big, small, tech or manufacturing firms to create more entrepreneurship? The findings show that there are positive effects of attracting manufacturing, construction, retail and transportation firms. Big agricultural, health and accommodation firms all have a negative effect on the number of new firms started in the city