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by Akpablie, Paul-miki, Munyao, Benjamin


In April of 2013, Colorado College hosted a momentous entrepreneurial event for its students. The Big Idea was a pitch event where Colorado College students presented their project idea before a panel of five judges in order to compete for $50,000 in funding towards the project. The panel reviewed the project ideas based on financial stability, effect on quality of life, feasibility and presentation, and the potential impact of the project on the world. In this video clip, entrepreneurs Benjamin Munyao and Paul-miki Akpablie present their Big Idea, KickHub.


"KickInertia is an accelerator-incubator hybrid that guides agribusiness, technological, financial service and healthcare entrepreneurs to profitability. The model combines the best of the not-for-profit (incubator) and for-profit (accelerator) worlds to adequately provide entrepreneurs with an enabling environment at the start-up stage of enterprise development, to help reduce the cost of launching the enterprise, increase the confidence and capacity of the entrepreneur as well as link the entrepreneur to the resources required to start and scale a competitive enterprise. Entrepreneurs accepted into the incubation program will stay until an agreed upon milestone is reached, often measured in terms of sales or profitability. Our primary focus is on non-capital intense businesses that are not only scalable but also have a high social impact. In other words, our model focusses on fast return on the investment, high momentum and first to market companies that are aimed to fill in gaps in agribusiness, financial services, technology and healthcare. Our first step will be to identify an early-stage enterprise that will grow significantly if provided with a nurturing environment. Our selection criteria will involve a careful assessment of both the entrepreneur and the market potential of the business venture in order to determine the potential of the business. Our business model is divided into two major parts; KickHub and KickInertia Centre. The KickHub is an internet based innovation center that provides entrepreneurs all across Africa with a free database on how to successfully start a business and also provides a premium diagnostic toolkit that our clients can use to diagnose their business models, set goals and track progress towards achieving them as well as provide weekly to annual financial analysis. The KickInertia Innovation Center when in full capacity will house 50 businesses and will not only provide our clients with work space but also will house workshops and client consulting services."--Business proposal

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