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The power of maps in the South China Sea

by Ogi, Ryan Kiyoshi


The power of maps have gone widely unnoticed in everyday life. How maps have created the realities that people conceive today are defined by maps and those who create them. However, through this thesis, the power of maps comes into question with the introduction of international entities and laws such as the United Nations and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). This thesis goes to show how maps have lost this power in the South China Sea Dispute between China, Vietnam and the Philippines through an analysis of maps created by each country in comparison to the author's own maps based on an interpretation of UNCLOS. Also in the thesis, the author shows how the Philippines, through his own interpretation of international law and analysis, have a claim in the South China Sea Dispute that is stronger than the others based on his interpretations of UNCLOS.


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78 pages : color maps
Senior Thesis -- Colorado College
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