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Do movies age like a fine wine, or get lost on dusty shelves? : A study of Netflix user ratings

by Hyatt, Anthony Charles


This paper delves into the way movies age and questions whether the decisions behind Netflix user ratings can be explained by characteristics of the movies themselves and the influence of popular opinion. Using a data set of just under 8 million user ratings on Netflix that apply to 300 movies, the hypothesis that time, movie characteristics, and measures of commercial success are statistically significant explanatory variables of the valence of individual Netflix ratings and lagged averages is tested through a 2SLS framework. All included variables are found to be significant, and the results suggest that time is a positive indicator for both dependent variables. Averages are found to be explained much more adequately by these factors than individual ratings. Popular opinion carries a sizeable amount of sway as well, and the results indicate that movies on Netflix do in fact age like a fine bottle of wine.


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Colorado College Honor Code upheld.

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