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TaKeTiNa: The Psychological and Healing Effects of Music and Rhythm

by Mitzner, Tess O'Connor


This thesis examines the psychological effects of TaKeTiNa, a practice that incorporates music and movement in a group setting. TaKeTiNa is non-religious yet traditionally based, and involves the complex layering of rhythms in order to benefit the mind and body of the participant. Health benefits include increased heart rate variability, brain synchronization, and decreased pain; further psychological benefits have been noted in patients with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, though research has not been conducted in this area. This paper discusses the practice and principles of TaKeTiNa, and the psychological healing of one TaKeTiNa instructor who overcame challenges of posttraumatic stress disorder through the rhythmic process. For this research, ethnographic data was collected and interpreted alongside secondary sources. The TaKeTiNa process allowed the instructor to experience psychological healing through the rediscovery of forgotten emotions and re-integration with society. Similar findings have been reported in veterans and addicts who participate in group drumming therapy. Through its rhythmic complexity and movement aspects, TaKeTiNa also provides significant physical benefits that allow for a more holistic healing process. By examining such a practice in detail, more can be understood about music as a psychological healing tool, and further connections can be made between traditional musical healing practices and modern medicine.


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