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The for-profit problem with the G.I. Bill

by Zachary, Atchinson Albert


Government-sponsored educational benefit programs for veterans have evolved throughout the years to meet the needs of military students. The growth of these programs has had a significant impact on schools’ growth and proliferation, and they are often considered partially responsible for the shift in cultural perception of post-secondary learning. As the value of a post-secondary degree has increased exponentially over the years, veteran benefit programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of veteran students. The relatively recent proliferation of for-profit colleges and universities is sometimes considered a threat to the effectiveness of these programs, as they aggressively target and recruit students with eligibility for these military benefits. In considering the subpar financial outcomes of for-profit schools graduates, we seek to determine the effects that the growth of these schools has had of the effectiveness of educational benefits for veterans. We find that receipt of veterans’ benefits increases the chances of enrolling at a for-profit school while limiting students’ satisfaction with the academic programs. Though the effects on deciding if and how to pursue higher education are negligible, the decreased satisfaction combined with the higher chance of enrollment at a for-profit school suggest a serious decrease in the effectiveness of these programs.


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